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The name's Rachel. I'm from NY. I'm 18. I go to Hofstra. I play drums and skateboard and sometimes surf. I'm nice, so say hey =]
Skateboarding, surfing, inline, DDR/FFR//Guitar Hero, drums
Fav Music:
death metal/hard rock/techno: COB, In Flames, megadeth, bleed the sky, diecast, mnemic, chimaira, devil driver, arch enemy, all that remains, dark tranquility, disturbed, breaking benjamin, etc.
Fav Movies:
pirates 1 & 2, underworld 1 & 2, van helsing, idk vampires are cool.
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Ekehart writes...
at 9:23:58am on 1/7/08
Nope, we haven't talked before. But...I figured I'd say hi. Heh... *shrugs*
at 7:55:50pm on 12/27/07
hey nm u
Ekehart writes...
at 4:27:15pm on 12/25/07
Yo. 'sup?
DiscoxPrince writes...
at 4:39:09pm on 7/3/07
sorry, i cant remember why i did that o.O
probably i...
cant remember o.O
DiscoxPrince writes...
at 12:55:49pm on 7/1/07
hey you, pikachu!
Starry_Tears writes...
at 10:50:00am on 6/15/07
No problem. ^^ Nothing much over here, just woke up, you?
Tifalover101 writes...
at 4:22:07pm on 6/11/07
Just a nice person meeting awsome people here
Albritton51091 writes...
at 11:35:26am on 6/8/07
Oh. I sent you some IMs.
Albritton51091 writes...
at 8:43:27pm on 6/7/07
Yeah, I'll IM you in alittle bit
Albritton51091 writes...
at 11:36:16pm on 6/6/07
Hehe. Cool.
Hmmmm. I think I have a dollar in my pocket.
Maybe I'll stop by and buy something.
Atleast you got a job, I can't seem to get one.
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