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I like playing FFR on my spare time. I like dogs...a lot...
BlARGING people to death... If you Blarg me, you might now live to see the sun tomorrow! :3
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Rock mostly, and any other song that sounds good. I really hate RAP music. My god, if you can't speak right, then don't speak at all! Or learn how to! Sheesh..
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Poffie writes...
at 8:23:45am on 12/5/08
If u still haven't found dBu music songs then i suggest u take a look at (touhou section - music)
dragonusers writes...
at 6:55:30pm on 4/22/08
Unlocked a bunch of skill tokens
Yay me ^-^
dragonusers writes...
at 8:12:57pm on 4/2/08
YAY! ^-^ 4-2-08 I unlocked BB Revenge
dragonusers writes...
at 7:30:30pm on 4/2/08
Man...I'm currently working on Cry for Eternity Stepfile and it looks like it's going to take a while...bearly at 200 or so seconds in the song >.<
Patience will pay off!
dragonusers writes...
at 4:47:36pm on 3/3/08
Stinks =, Hope you can get back on your feet ^-^
I GOT BANNED writes...
at 5:09:45pm on 3/1/08
hey its benebab..
i got banned :[
dragonusers writes...
at 4:16:44pm on 2/29/08
Also need to update my profile a bit...maybe a lot..I'll see what i can do too ^-^
dragonusers writes...
at 4:04:33pm on 2/29/08
Righto! It's been like...what...a month or two and I've been quite.
I've been working on somethings and I came up on something...Simfiles...sounds like fun..and so I began to make simfiles.
dragonusers writes...
at 11:38:24am on 1/24/08
Blarg more people now in days!
dragonusers writes...
at 11:23:46am on 1/16/08
Blargs for Everyone!MWhahahah!!
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