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i am a freshman in highschool and live in the U.S.
i like to play basketball and i like to watch hockey(Bruins), video games, and watch anime. i like to play ddr, and guitar hero. XD
Fav Music:
Rock is my favorite music. as for my favorite song, i dont kno, its hard to choose.but my favorite band is Incubus!!!
Fav Movies:
my favorite movie is definitly spaceballs!!! i also like advent children and all the samuri x movies
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Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 11:18:57am   [0 comments]
escalator temporarily stairs, sry for the convinience.

Posted on: November 5, 2006, at 11:06:42am   [0 comments]
this random thought is brought to u by, well, me!

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Hwscottsmcgram writes...
at 8:04:30pm on 2/28/08
your finally on???
my old person
lightspeed got hacked and i'm on dis one now
KingMichael30000 writes...
at 1:47:51pm on 1/6/08
yo was up man play me
KingMichael30000 writes...
at 7:22:00pm on 9/2/07
got a myspace?
kristen_wilkiehopfner writes...
at 8:31:55pm on 7/11/07
awsome. i have one more year left. before.i'm out. thank god
kristen_wilkiehopfner writes...
at 5:35:06am on 6/14/07
awsome. me nothing. just trying to pass this year. it's getting harder because i have missed to much school this year
kristen_wilkiehopfner writes...
at 1:47:27pm on 5/28/07
hey what is going on? nothing here. just trying to stay out of trouble. so anything new latley
hanakatana writes...
at 7:14:46pm on 3/24/07
I <3 your avi!
lightspeed writes...
at 10:23:44am on 3/16/07
My New Profile Is..........Hwscotts mcgram.... don't talk to lightspeed..oni Hwscottsmcgram...oka i...lrtr
at 6:20:05pm on 3/14/07
thx 4 the link
kristen_wilkiehopfner writes...
at 8:10:43am on 3/10/07
ohh, it's ok. dont worry about it. i am never really on either. so what have you been up to latley?
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