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i like havin fun with peeps xD simple >_> O.O xP.
gir (xD), firendsss, and alot more x3 =3
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idk a million? lol xD =)
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CooBlu writes...
at 6:01:26pm on 11/9/09
I HAVENT BEEN ON TILL NOW!! sry for a year for not being on (LOL!!) But when you're on, just tell me.
SonicPunky writes...
at 3:05:37pm on 6/12/09
Sorry i couldn't reply sooner. Uh, maybe soon. Sorry, but it's just that i'm not online all the time and i don't want to keep you waiting, please understand, but don't worry, buddy, we will play together soon! :)
chivaun's~my~name writes...
at 10:50:17am on 6/12/09
hiya how are you?
SonicPunky writes...
at 10:17:30pm on 6/7/09
Thanks for the friend request. :)
CooBlu writes...
at 10:23:41pm on 6/2/09
Hey! I havent heard from you sence that night. When are ya gonna be on? Plz post on my comment wall whenever you want to tell me you're on! K, See ya l8r!
Synthlight writes...
at 11:04:15pm on 5/30/09
First person to post on your wall.