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Happy Holidays Y'all :)
Posted on: December 23, 2018, at 10:33:16pm

The year is coming to a close and I have a lot to take away from it all. I'm really excited for what 2019 has to bring and I will jump on every opportunity that comes my way. In fact, I'll make opportunity and seize it. I hope that y'all have something special for you that you strive for and love. The spirit of Christmas feels stronger this year but that could just be because my older brother is visiting :) have an amazing day and have a good rest of the year! Finish strong!!!

  1. My new year's resolution is to learn piano and get good at it. Probably won't improve on this much but it's something :D

  2. Omg that's awesome bro!! Piano is an amazing instrument and it's quite easy to get familiar w music theory on it! My older bro is a musician and he in fact, inspired me to learn piano as well :)) also guitar and everything else haha, that's his specialty. Anyway Merry Christmas bro!

  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year man