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Improvement... !?!
Posted on: December 18, 2018, at 01:54:05am

Wow... I've improved so much faster than I give myself credit for. I've played this game since 2006 when it was first introduced to me by my big brother and sister who taught me to use the arrow keys one-handed... I did that style for 10 years afterwards until I discovered spread. I only started using spread at like the beginning of 2017. Only 9 months ago, I AAA'd Gaussian Blur 3 which I was INCREDIBLY proud of. Only a year and a half ago, I was most likely a level 47 when I AAA'd On Conquest and Capture (which I have the replay of). Now I'm a level 74 without giving myself much credit for being, and I think that's why I have improved so fast. I always want to get better. I never think I'm playing good enough. I strive for the better scores and higher accuracy. If you were to look at my top 100 scores, all of them are very recent. Idk I'm just so proud of myself and I love this game so much xD thank you to all of you for getting me to where I'm at today. I love going on MP and just chilling with y'all. You really make the difference and make this game enjoyable. Thank you. Special thanks to Rapta, Snowlegend, Reborn1234, xOpkiller, SoFast, Ifeelit, Blondeybear, V-Ormix, SKG_Scintill, Moria, and omg everybody else! So many but I'm glad we've all been there for eachother at some point.

  1. think your definitely better then me by now