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Remember kids, no one likes a squealer!
Posted on: February 23, 2007, at 11:35:21pm

And that's the point of my post now. No one is gonna tell that i snuck out to go to a concert under false pre-tenses and came back to everything working out perfectly! *relieved sigh*
But yes, more false pretense concert attending coming soon!! The Vincent Black Shadow is going to be coming to Oklahoma University on March 8th, i believe. at 6:30pm. AND ITS EVEN FREE!!!!! FREE SHOW!!!!! great band and free show, it's great. I should sooo go see it. Now who am i going to con into being my 'cover' while i am off having a great time at the concert. I must think of this, and get to OU early, so i can get a good seat. This seems really negligant if i just end my random post here, so let's keep going and see how long i can make this one. Well, for those of you who don't know, i have a MySpace. (I'm weird that way) Also, Pan's Labyrinth is currently my favourite movie!! Maybe even the best movie of all time. Only cause i am not that big of a movie fan. Although, The Prestige is another good one as well. Now i want to be as good a nerd as the guy that made the duplicating machine. That would be so great. Not having the duplicating machine, but being smart enough to create something that destructive. Well, i did not get accepted into the summer research program. That was quite terrible. It would have been better if they would have just said you were not accepted, instead of going into their whole 'We are sorry to inform you that, although you had some great qualities, we do not have enough space available, and therefore had to deny qualifying candidates, such as yourself.' THAT PISSED ME OFF SO BAD!!!! Not so much that i wasn't accepted, but that they had to sugar coat it and make it seem like i have some sort of redeeming value. But yeah, stupid INBRE research program. This makes me wonder if i am even able to continue my career in medicine, or if i am not ever going to be qualified to perform what will be required. And if it takes me all this time, then i am not sure i want i want to waste all that time. But i really have no choice currently, i must continue my college and hope that i develop the skills along the way. If not, then i might have to quit and basically become a failure at life, with my deluded ambitions.