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Out Here All Night
Posted on: November 26, 2006, at 09:10:41pm

Heylo e'eryone! *waves to all the huddled masses that gather when i make a new announcement. Thanks for all your latest support with my latest endeavors to acquire a means of increasing my potentially frivilous and unnecessary economic condition. w00t-ness!!!!! For those who can't follow my train of thought(mostly all of ya, since it's MY thoughts, not yours! :P) In English, that means that i recently got a job at Macy's in OKC at the mall. Currently, i have no idea where i will be going, but things are looking like i will be in the Gift-wrapping area for the holidays, mostly because nobody wants to get their gifts wrapped because of the expensive-ness of Wrapping gifts. But irregardless, that means i get about $6.50/hr just sitting back there and sleeping most of the day. It's awesome!! and playing on my phone. which is good. I am not sure about a lot of things at work, but at least in Gift-wrapping the managers aren't spying on me while i am 'working'. So yeah, hope all goes according to plan. Well, I am all high from Pez and fuzzies at the moment, so i must go enjoy this and fall asleep now. Laters all!