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Im good at drawing. I hate rap srry every 1. Im not satisfied with life yet. (Well i think life sucks) I dnt think i should deserve to live. I Like ffr cause i like ddr.MY fav shows are naruto,dn angel,trinity blood,inuyasha (one of my most fav.),tsubasa as the manga, chrono crusade cuase it reminds me of how much life sucks. All anime shows by the way.
Anime is my life. I am a very good anime drawer. I love u Amy.I praticly draw all day. As u can see im a bit weird but thats ok. I like pain but Hanuro_Sakura224 dnt want me to hert my self lol we best buddies. I dnt really care about other people. When i want to be I can be a Pain. Usaully im nice so I dnt get in trouble or loose freinds.
Fav Music:
I love My chemical romance and system of a down disturbed all heavy metal
Fav Movies:
anime movies and my allltime fav. is Nightmare before christmas
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I have a new acc
Posted on: March 2, 2007, at 10:36:54pm   [0 comments]

deticated to my friend kiley =^.^=
Posted on: January 15, 2007, at 06:58:55pm   [0 comments]

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mantarey76 writes...
at 8:39:11pm on 6/28/07
thumbs up on ur pro awesome pics
PunkrockLove writes...
at 4:28:30pm on 5/29/07
Hey, sorry for the random post.
Just wanted to say I love your avitar !!
I also wanted to know what kind of heavy metal you listen too?
If your really into it check out my music list, hopefully there will be something you like in there.
teh_masterers writes...
at 6:47:14pm on 5/7/07
I'm going to give you a good profile rating, i hope you do the same! :D
MegaDancer3421 writes...
at 5:29:57pm on 3/24/07
its ok!
Haruno_Sakura224 writes...
at 3:09:53pm on 3/15/07
MegaDancer3421 writes...
at 1:57:12pm on 3/7/07
I love your new picture!
Fire_and_theDarkness writes...
at 4:58:22pm on 3/4/07
Fire_and_theDarkness writes...
at 7:47:46am on 3/3/07
well thats cool i am so happy for you!! ^.^
crogan writes...
at 10:36:19pm on 3/2/07
read my random thoughts
Fire_and_theDarkness writes...
at 2:02:56pm on 3/2/07
Nothing much i have a boyfriend ^.^
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