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3Oh!3 Starstruck :)
Posted on: April 11, 2009, at 09:08:41am   [0 comments]

This song is awesome!

Paper wings ^^
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Posted on: November 1, 2008, at 01:19:10pm   [1 comment]

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darkheartsentwined writes...
at 2:20:53am on 4/2/09
lol well good for you. :]
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 12:07:12am on 4/1/09
haha yeah knowing people that care makes a HUGE impact lol. until then just be like me and grab your bong xD
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 6:42:04pm on 3/31/09
haha i used to be suicidal until i actually almost died now think of it this way
dieing:its easy. not very hard to do.
living:thats a REAL challenge. go through life experiencing fucked up things then afterwards you can be like "hell yeah im a bad ass muthafuckuh i lived through that shit. look at all those weak ass pussies who just offed themselves cause they couldnt take the heat."
nothing is worth dieing for. even if youre not happy, and youre bored. trust me...ive been through ALOT of fucked up shit in my life. i havent seen it ALL but close enough to it. and im happy to be alive.
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 5:28:29pm on 3/31/09
yeah life can get pretty boring sometimes
and i doubt it would gross me out
its actually not easy to gross me out haha
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 5:21:19pm on 3/31/09
wow good job rofl
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 5:32:15pm on 3/30/09
hahahaha vanessa hudgens?! oh my...i didnt know she did anything slutty enough to get banned for roflmao
SarahStone writes...
at 12:29:08pm on 3/30/09
Jerm1111 writes...
at 8:54:41pm on 3/2/09
sexy12345 writes...
at 11:41:45am on 2/4/09
hypothetically writes...
at 5:21:31pm on 2/1/09
thanks for the comment
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