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hi my name on ffr is ban as you can tell i been at ffr for a year its ok i like it in the beginning of me playing this i met lots of people and alot were cool and still are....but i met one....and i did a bad thing i screwed her over...i wish i can just do something to earn her back in some way....but i dont know how i know she still hates my guts for that mistake i made...but ever since she stoped talking to me nothing has been the same.She was the only person who looked at me like a human and not some dirt poor ignorant bastard...but even with that said it wont change the mistake i made...right now i cant say anything to her cause she most likely wont listen and wont give a care...but someday soon...i wanna try again....because she made me happy anyway if anyone wants to talk to me then by all means i am here for you lol talk to you guys soon laters
i love bowling its my fave sport to do basically its the only sport i know how to do better than any sport out there.I like going out having fun.I also like anime almost all kinds too many are too good not to like
Fav Music:
i dont really have any fave music i just hear almost anything but rap.You know a little ddr music some music from other games if i like it, some rock like Linkin Park and some others(dont feel like going into details)
Fav Movies:
I am an action/comedy movie guy so if it has some action in it but not that bullshiit like all movies have today copying each other then i am going to like it but thats not telling you what my fave movies are now are they..:P My fave movies are (believe it or not)ghostbuster 1&2 teenage mutant ninja turtles 2(not 1 or 3 they sucked) war of the worlds was cool die hard movies and any other from the 90s are my kinda movies because they were in their prime in making movies back then OH i forgot spiderman ROFL i cant believe i forgot my fave hero spiderman rofl(again)and thats all for movies
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mRpREggERs writes...
at 4:10:08am on 4/15/13
RIP ban
Chevislonewolf writes...
at 6:28:55pm on 10/25/08
You ban-san! ^^
How are you doing?
Sorry I haven't been on for months, but I have school and stuff.
Setsugekka writes...
at 4:56:07pm on 8/23/08
Haha, yeah right, ban. By the way, it's Ryu*, dude. It's been awhile. How's it going?
all because of you writes...
at 6:34:09pm on 8/12/08
hey! nm- im jsut doin schooll right now! lol
how are you doing dude?
Ikaros writes...
at 6:02:07pm on 8/12/08
oh hey man
Irina here
n yea sure my aim is schweetii
all because of you writes...
at 12:01:17am on 8/9/08
ahha- thank you dude!
that is very sweet of you to say those things which you did!
and i am doin very well, thank you for asking! how about you? and yes, i am pretty transparent as expressed by my writings and stuff- and yes i would love to talk to you- but maybe later on aim and stuff- we can just talk through comments now! hehe
so how old are you? lol
Kira Yamato writes...
at 8:47:51pm on 1/21/08
sorry ban i dont have AIM.
Kira Yamato writes...
at 8:44:43pm on 1/5/08
im sorry.will you meet me at the chat." the profile"
n.n'' sorry ban san.
DDRcHiCk_WiNd writes...
at 4:14:25pm on 1/4/08
but also. im in love with a guy already. and he loves me too. he'll do anything for me and try to make me happy. every since im with him. everything been different. not the same anymore. yes. i love him more then anything in this world. so yeah. nothing. no one. or no one in the past will change this chance for me anymore. no one can replace him in my heart.
so yeah. this is all ill shall say.
DDRcHiCk_WiNd writes...
at 4:11:51pm on 1/4/08
you rly need to give up. i told you already why. but.. if you wanna here it again.. oK. well. you know what happened between me and my cuzin right. well. thats why. and its cause you cheated on me for a girl. and.. you didnt bother taking the GED test (gave 95$). so yeah. thats why.
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