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my names olivia. i have the sweetest friends EVER. i like to dance to musik. i also like to get on the computer cause computer=fun. I LOVE HUGSS. and i like to hang out with friends and we do stuff and all yeayeas. im sad though cause two of my besterest friends moved away in the past year or so. but they didnt move that far away so i can still see em. yay.. yeayea so yea.
my friends, music, anime, shiney stuff,tree/rock climbing, swimming, going to my high schools football games, and 5th quarter was fun!!^_^
Fav Music:
i like most all music, my favorite band is rancid, and my favorite dj is dj rankin or mystik or gabriel and dresden..
Fav Movies:
movies...movies...movies, what good movies are out there? dont care, though i do watch alot of movies
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candycutie writes...
at 8:58:49pm on 11/26/06
hi whats up my name is kailtyn whats your comment back
splinx writes...
at 7:34:21pm on 11/21/06
HEY like your new pic!
Mmkay_Alyssa=] writes...
at 6:34:17pm on 11/21/06
hey sry for the random comment, im just tryin to meet some new ppl. well anyways..whats up?
splinx writes...
at 9:10:08pm on 10/29/06
hi my little sweet angel!im on right now!
n-unit writes...
at 6:24:59pm on 10/24/06
so what you been up to olivia? how's life goin'?
n-unit writes...
at 9:52:48am on 10/23/06
I thought about doing something to my hair once. and getting some ear rings. but then i thought, that just ain't me. :)
n-unit writes...
at 9:07:59pm on 10/19/06
olivia, that's a hot name. lol.
contacts are a pain. especially when you lose one..*in* your eye. don't ask me how that happened but it did. :) well, i'm dan. nice to meet you.
timatima22 writes...
at 7:40:59pm on 10/19/06
hey i havent talked to u in a while, how r u
splinx writes...
at 7:38:30pm on 10/15/06
hey i havent talked to you!Well i hope we can talk soon!
timatima22 writes...
at 7:03:10pm on 10/15/06
hey what did u do today
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