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Teh b0x :D
Posted on: March 20, 2011, at 03:49:17pm   [2 comments]

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Nk-u Nes writes...
at 1:37:55pm on 5/21/12
O_O wow that's amazing xD
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 1:27:53pm on 5/21/12
I wish i had more time to play Games like that -___-
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 1:09:54pm on 5/21/12
I've heard a lot about that Game being good but never looked into it. I know it's a computer game with Avatar's and pretty much it's some type of MMO but i'm not sure.
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 1:01:03pm on 5/21/12
I see, well then it's decided i'm getting it. I wonder though if more than one person needs to have it though? well change of subject xP What's up =)
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 12:56:39pm on 5/21/12
Do you happen to know if it's MP?
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 12:45:57pm on 5/21/12
50$ for the trilogy including bonus content and what not... wow. I might get this sometime soon xD how did you learn about it ?
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 12:14:05pm on 5/21/12
O_O it's for the Computer? D= if so i must look into this lol
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 8:22:30am on 5/21/12
I see no wonder it looked vaguely familiar lol i never knew there was a part 3 but i think i still have my DJ Max Fever if that's what it was called xD
xXFFR-_-MASTERXx writes...
at 11:27:12am on 2/25/12
no problem thank you too :)
somma writes...
at 8:08:04pm on 9/10/11
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