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My average level : Heavy (7-8) ~|~ My average max combo on a song : 300 - 400 ~|~ Play with : One hand, Two fingers ~|~ My favorite song category : Dance2, Page 2 - 6 ~|~ My nicknames : TailsNCream, NudaMuy, Kitsumi ~|~ My favorite kind of song : Video Games - Instrumental - JPop
FFR, Draw, Friends 8D, Manga, Anime
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If Pokémon exist...
Posted on: June 5, 2008, at 11:14:47pm   [0 comments]

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_Kitsumi_ writes...
at 10:08:39pm on 12/2/09
Oookay, I promise to try to be more active here.
NFD writes...
at 8:56:45pm on 7/8/09
I know you do, =P
And Flareon really isn't a furry unless that's what your fursona is.
NFD writes...
at 8:52:36pm on 7/8/09
Well I have a lot of furry friends =P
XxstepmaniacxX writes...
at 7:38:00am on 10/29/08
Well, for me I like three fingers, I can play concentrated or I can daydream while I play, so it's all cool for me. :)
XxstepmaniacxX writes...
at 7:50:37am on 10/27/08
You're a two fingered i see. I play three fingers. ^-^
Neko-ISM writes...
at 9:29:29pm on 10/7/08
niceeeeee profile ^^ xD
+1 vote!
axznangel125 writes...
at 4:32:16pm on 10/6/08
axznangel125 writes...
at 5:37:42pm on 9/5/08
Pokemon!! <3 XD
NatsumiTheLucario writes...
at 5:28:45pm on 9/5/08
NFD writes...
at 8:18:56pm on 9/4/08
That'd be really hawt, :3 *hugs* ;3
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