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Zon Fire
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Zon Fire's Gameplay Stats Today
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I play FFR/SM im also a pro fourm stalker
lazy mans dancing
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sm background ones
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icontrolyourworld writes...
at 11:55:45pm on 2/26/15
ty <3
kommisar writes...
at 1:13:51pm on 8/12/14
you're welcome
Sidek writes...
at 4:34:47pm on 2/11/14
don't ask me how i find it
just i found that file yesterday in a weird pack from some latinamerican forums
Sidek writes...
at 10:21:37pm on 2/10/14
you still looking for kevin18's dokudempa??
CDCan writes...
at 7:49:30pm on 1/27/14
ty. gg, gj, gn
YoshL writes...
at 2:48:35pm on 3/2/13
otp terezi x vriska?
Untimely Friction writes...
at 7:28:44pm on 2/4/13
I think I'm le done, GGs man, we should do it again sometime.
yo man im awesome writes...
at 1:36:29pm on 12/1/12
Saw your SM score, won't lie, it is ridiculous.
However, when you're asked to make a video, I personally don't think of it as clearing your name, but more as showing off what you're made of. I personally really want to see the video, more just to see a score like that in action, but I can't comprehend that MA at all!
yo man im awesome writes...
at 1:43:30pm on 9/9/12
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 4:15:22am on 9/8/12
tales of symphonia best game xD
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