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Posted on: December 23, 2020, at 02:49:24pm

Division 3, Round 1: Difficulty 44 (RATES)
Song of Choice: Star Wars Anthology (1.5x)
Calculated Difficulty: 80+
Result: AAA

I'm currently in this tournament to practice not just rates, but also using other mods for the game. As I said, this profile was made as a way to experiment with the game a little bit and seeing what other stuff I can use besides just the speed mods I typically use. So for this round, I chose Star Wars Anthology for D3. I was hoping to get a 1.6 AAA, but after an hour or so my fingers and eyes started to really feel the burn, so I slowed it down to 1.5 and that's the best I got for this round. Which sucks, but it is what it is.

Division 3, Round 2: Difficulty 49 (RATES)
Song of Choice: Sunshine Rainy (1.4x)
Calculated Difficulty: 78
Result: AAA

This run went much better than expected. Only took me a few tries to do it, so I chose to submit it immediately. Could potentially get a better and higher run, but as it stands now, might as well go with what I got here. Can't wait for next round.


Division 3, Round 3: Difficulty 54 (RATES)
Song of Choice: Alone (!.5x)
Calculated Difficulty: 83
Result: AAA

I'm starting to notice a trend here. Any song Cold Kitten plays I seem to pick that same song and get the AAA run on a higher rate. XD Like, what the heck is this? I'm not complaining. I'm just really confused as to how this seems to be a pattern in this tournament. Still, this run went surprisingly well. Didn't take very long at all. But I can only guess it's going to get harder from here. I really wanted the difficulty to be 52 so I can 1.3x AAA my favorite shoes just to flex a bit. XD But whatever. I guess we're going up by five points each time. Until next round....


Division 3, Round 4: Difficulty 58 (RATES)
Song of Choice: Move It Groove it [Heavy] (1.3x)
Calculated Difficulty: 86(?)
Result: AAA

Took a bit to choose a song that would give me the least amount of trouble to do. Sorted through a couple before I decided to land on this one, so I did a test run, got 10 goods clean on it, and felt that it went pretty smoothly. So that's when I decided "This is gonna be it." Took e a few tries considering the mini jacks in the chorus, but overall, it wasn't too bad. I'm really enjoying this tournament for what it is. It's a different way of exploring the game as a whole because I never did try many of the different options in the game besides Mirror. So I'm kind of glad it's giving me a new window. I got a feeling next round won't go as smoothly since we're in the second half.


Division 3, Round 5: Difficulty 61 (RATES)
Song of Choice: Otter's Dance (Hotroot Mix) (1.3x)
Calculated Difficulty: 85-87
Result: AAA

I spent a good couple of minutes looking for a song that wasn't going to completely screw me over this round. So I ended up going with this chart. After giving it a few runs, I saw that 1.4x is doing, although pretty difficult. The funny part is badman said that if I AAA the whole thing, I'll get a special bonus. Well, that may be fine and dandy, I'm just here for the fun of the tournament. But if he wants to, I can't really say no, can I? XD Anyways, round five went surprisingly well, but I'm going to challenge myself for Round 6. So whatever the difficulty is for the final round, I'm gonna hightail it and give it everything I got. (Please, let it be 66.)


Division 3, Round 6 (FINAL): Difficulty 62+ (RATES)
Song of Choice: Reminders ~66~ (1.3x)
Calculated Difficulty: 89 (Possibly 90 with the wall)
Result: AAA

Whoo-WEE, what a tournament. And what a way to end it off. I wasn't really expecting Badman to grant us the ability to pick a song higher than the chosen difficulty (in D3's case, it's 62) for our score. So when I saw that, I knew exactly the song I wanted to play. Reminders is one of my favorite songs in this game and has been since day one due to its chill atmosphere and tone. So what better way to end things off for this tourney than a rates run on this song? Of course, being the competitive bastard I am, I naturally went for the AAA run, but MAN, did it wreck me, especially with that wall about a third of the way into the song. Everything else is pretty straightforward, but that wall at around 700-800 notes is a bit of a jerk at higher rates. Regardless, I'd consider it the easiest of the 66's on the list due to it's somewhat straightforward nature. Rates is a different story. So, what does this say? Obviously, I win D3, but honestly, it's all about having fun and testing your limits to see what you can do and maybe work on some of your weaknesses. And Reminders is one of those songs that reminds us of that and many other things, hence its name, so it was only fitting for me to choose this as my final song of the tournament.

As an added bonus, I did a mania run on Opinionated Raccoon. Wasn't going for the AAA. I just wanted to get another random score in just for extra credit because I'm too damn sweaty at this game for my own good. XD

Overall, great tournament, and it was nice to see people being encouraged to push themselves to their limits and see if they could get new top scores on their dashboards. Hoping for another one like this in the future. And hey! Maybe this is the year Squidward finally gets an actual nose. LOL.