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Hello I'm Zheant from Denmark =). Read the other boxes to find out more about me =D.
I have a big interest in music and games, so rythm games like Stepmania, DDR, FFR, others are superb. In my spare time I like to play videogames, listen to music and create my own music hits =b. Other interests would be; food, technology, culture, Japan and stuff.
Fav Music:
I listen to many different kinds of music. My favorite music is music with soul in it! Though I don't really listen to all that popular western pop stuff, or celeb music. Some of my favorite music numbers are made by non famous ot not that famous artist ^^ .
Fav Movies:
I love animation, especially japanimation. I like asian kung-fu/ninja/samurai movies too and my favorite one is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
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I missed FFR
Posted on: December 2, 2010, at 02:00:59pm   [2 comments]
I first found out today that FFR was back =O. But I'm really glad that I found out hehe =).

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Sterlingmagi writes...
at 3:58:25pm on 1/9/09
it WILL be back next year, I'd be f'n pissed if it was cancled, but yeah. It starts up again every year, it's a one semester thing. I love my friends:) we've all had two hilarious mornings, I don't know if you could follow them though...glad to know your doing well. Yeah, exams are next week, shoot me ahh.:)
DarkRazor writes...
at 5:22:01pm on 11/11/08
Hehe, thanks! Yours is pretty cool as well :)
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 9:38:35am on 11/2/08
omg, i can't believe marching band is over. I cried at my last competition, i'm going to miss my seniors soooo much. how have you been, haha it's been a while
Camille~ writes...
at 6:56:11pm on 10/5/08
You built a chair? Interesting. About the only thing I've built is a sandcastle. So easily toppled, too.
My day's very uneventful, so I won't bother to talk about it.
Camille~ writes...
at 8:07:24pm on 9/22/08
I live in the United States, in Washington.
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 5:35:27pm on 9/22/08
i have a 4 by 4 INCH tv that's black and white, it suprizingly works. We got a 70.9 in band!! We would have one almost two award if we weren't hosting:) Can't wait till saturday! the people i had to guide scared me very much, and made me angry. I get my own room in two years! better than four at least:S
Camille~ writes...
at 11:32:41am on 9/22/08
Oh, I see. The laptop is part of the lesson. I can't imagine being required to get a laptop for school... things must be quite different in Denmark. I've been homeschooled almost all my life though, so there are some differences for me no matter what.
Camille~ writes...
at 10:44:10am on 9/22/08
I'm doing alright. I haven't slept since yesterday.
I bet it was fun getting a laptop. I have a desktop myself. Why did you decide to get one?
Also, cute acronym you made in my random thought.
Camille~ writes...
at 11:58:18am on 9/21/08
Sure, consider me a friend, Zheant.
Camille~ writes...
at 11:42:48am on 9/21/08
Well, they were the Heavy steps. Glad you liked them for the most part. Thanks for trying it. I do tend to layer a lot.
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