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Hullo! I’m an 18 yr old furry boyo who doesn’t have anything to do before college; So I joined FFR! I’m kind of your stereotypical edgy teenager lol, but I promise I don’t bite :3 Turns out I wasn’t really good at guitar hero...but I found out that this is more my style :D
-I try to play guitar, but I just can’t find a good sound I want on the amp :( -Skateboarding is another hobby I enjoy, although I only can go with my friends, but they’re trying to scare me into vert skating qwq -I liek furries :3 -COOKIES (preferably choccy chip)
Fav Music:
-Alternative Pop/Rock and Emo -My favorite bands consist of Joyce Manor, My Chemical Romance, Avion Roe, & Wallows. (No order, they’re all too good imo)
Fav Movies:
I don’t really watch movies, believe it or not. I have a hard time sitting still watching a film by myself for hours ;-; I would try to go to the cinema with my family, but most of the time I end up falling asleep half-way through. I can’t really blame them tho, I guess I’m too picky >w<
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Zalhyr writes...
at 1:32:43pm on 5/18/21
I CANT BELIEVE IT, I just fc'd my first MASTER song. I'm so happy, this took me so long to do! Now I know it's technically the easiest master song but I'm still happy xD. I did almost spam at one small part but it was hard to read QmQ. I mean, I guess I could try again and clean up the 20+ boos, but right now I'm just enjoying with what I am capable of right now, and it keeps me humble and happy. :3
Zalhyr writes...
at 12:20:48pm on 5/16/21
YOOO! I just fc'd Vertex for the first time! I've been trying for quite some time now and I finally have done it! Ugh, my arms hurt and I was getting a bit tense near the end of the song, but I pulled through. Easily the hardest song I have fc'd as of right now.
Zalhyr writes...
at 4:00:43am on 5/16/21
Oh boy it’s 4am, I should probably get some sleep. Having a good time tho ^w^
Zalhyr writes...
at 3:56:09am on 5/16/21
Turns out I’m not so good at perfection, but I do love the challenge! You can probably see by my stats that I typically just try to FC songs in the challenging section yet leave all the easy songs on “SDG” lol. For some reason when I play slower & easier songs, I tend to get into the habit of pressing arrows too early; it’s like I have it in my head mentally that they are difficult songs but in reality are not. Its hard to describe—it feels weird to playing songs with streams in it and suddenly swap to songs with few arrows just to see if I can “AAA” the much easier songs. Prolly just a weird mental thing that a bit of practice can take care of! I hope I didn’t lose you when I said this, I am working on my social skills XwX
Zalhyr writes...
at 11:33:37pm on 5/15/21
Hiya! so I'm still sorta new to the forums and everything else, but hey, this game's really fun. =3
Synthlight writes...
at 2:31:23pm on 3/10/21
First person to post on your wall.