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Infernalgate_Zach writes...
at 9:40:47am on 6/20/13
lmao ultimate fail
Aediion writes...
at 10:50:13am on 8/28/12
lolol b-tothe-ANNND!
MarioNintendo writes...
at 2:10:49pm on 6/24/12
headphone jack
TrinityBlood13 writes...
at 1:40:45pm on 6/24/12
haha also just noticed ur comment on my wall. stop being a prick
TrinityBlood13 writes...
at 1:28:48pm on 6/24/12
piss off.
Jake Ferguson writes...
at 1:06:40am on 6/24/12
rip, a good troll would've lasted a lot longer than that :)
Jerry DB writes...
at 12:04:29am on 6/24/12
funny how you say something and expect it to just make sense just because you said it. People like you are why the world is so god damn stupid. Anyways enjoy your ban and everything.
p.s. I'm better then you
SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 11:07:59pm on 6/23/12
JFrow22 writes...
at 10:27:57pm on 6/23/12
bmah writes...
at 9:06:52pm on 6/23/12
enjoy the permaban.
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