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Hey what can I say about my slef is that I have a bubbly personality. I get along with anybody unless they talk crap about me or my friends.
Mall,Hang out with friends,Computer,quading.
Fav Music:
Scary Kids Scaring Kids,Taking Back Sunday,Jeffree Star,Sublime,30 Seconds to mars,Panic! At The Disco,Pitbull,Daddy Yankee,Lordi,Afi,Ashley Tisdale,Aly & Aj,Atreyu,Plain White T's,Paramore And Many More
Fav Movies:
Any Horror Movie,Chick Flicks, Comedy's,Romance Movies and alot more!!
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Ashley Tisdale!!
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30 Seconds To Mars!!
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Scary Kids Scaring Kids!!
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adrianalaffa writes...
at 1:45:11pm on 11/13/07
whats sup sam how have u been?!
Zachmonster10 writes...
at 3:18:47pm on 10/12/07
not much really but my gf is coming over tomorrow so im happy about that
spartanumaw writes...
at 4:22:45pm on 10/8/07
thanks you 2
L_eMo_N writes...
at 3:07:00pm on 10/8/07
hehe that's good to hear!!!!!
so what are you up to?
L_eMo_N writes...
at 2:39:07pm on 10/8/07
ive been doing great hehe, and your self? <333
adrianalaffa writes...
at 6:50:57pm on 10/7/07
hey thanks to meet u too! so whats sup how are u ,and whats ur name?
L_eMo_N writes...
at 7:16:06pm on 10/6/07
hey! im doing great hehe, and how are you?
cuddles1002 writes...
at 4:37:24pm on 8/28/07
im good and sure
cuddles1002 writes...
at 1:44:47pm on 8/28/07
ello.. whats up?
azn_kelly22 writes...
at 5:07:14pm on 8/27/07
hihi=D wats up?
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