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Wolfesbane's Gameplay Stats Today
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I am about 5'10 or 5'11.I am usualy extremely hyper all the time.I help my dad make swords and a whole bunch of other weapons.And I am a realy good card game player especially the card game Magic The Gathering.Curently I am 15.and i used to be an emo but lets not go that far.
Magic The Gathering,Blacksmithing,Welding,Martial Arts,Sword fighting,and wrestling.
Fav Music:
All but country and most opratic songs some exceptions.
Fav Movies:
Queen of the Dammed,Dukes of Hazard,The Hills have Eyes,The 13th Warrior,and The Last Samurai
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dragonsrule92 writes...
at 7:40:34pm on 12/6/06
at least u have a myspace
dragonsrule92 writes...
at 2:11:19pm on 11/24/06
not much what about u
BlackDragon94 writes...
at 9:11:30pm on 11/16/06
your doing great so far
BlackDragon94 writes...
at 9:24:22pm on 11/13/06
woo hoo go big bro
Wolfesbane writes...
at 9:59:15pm on 11/12/06
Wolfesbane writes...
at 9:08:20pm on 11/12/06
tigerarmygirl writes...
at 9:04:02pm on 11/12/06
Wolfesbane writes...
at 8:49:28pm on 11/12/06
was up
tigerarmygirl writes...
at 7:28:50pm on 11/12/06
tigerarmygirl writes...
at 7:28:49pm on 11/12/06
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