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Posted on: October 6, 2011, at 11:45:47am

WOOOOOO I finally got Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] today on Seven. I figured on Famouz I was going nowhere so 2 attempts later on Seven and BOOM!

ps. my first try on [heavy] I got 9-1-1-1 =( Why did I have to miss that stupid left handed triplet at the end.

  1. Grats man! Hope to see sick scores rollin' in from you soon. :]

  2. hi5!

  3. Nicee :3 i think once you get heavy (only the hard 9's are gonna give it) then you've hit FFR puberty, turning you into a pro among pros. :3

  4. if i could nail my fucking Famouz score (2-0-0-1) i'd get it. Seven is worth a shot

  5. Go for ONI. It's fun.