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BellaDancerella writes...
at 7:51:21pm on 6/9/09
lol okkk
Zyrixqi writes...
at 11:41:32am on 4/9/09
You might be better than me at FFR, but I just got my 13th AAA, so currently I have more than you =P
iKinky writes...
at 3:06:42pm on 1/19/09
shit hes mine hoe xD
COLLEENownsXD writes...
at 3:06:16pm on 1/19/09
bitches back off, he's mine :) <3
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 6:48:36pm on 1/10/09
Where have you been?
LokiHyosuke writes...
at 2:24:18pm on 1/9/09
Well, I can't just rape the uber hard songs and get madd creds like you can.
I remember when you made a new account just so you can pwn noobs.
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 6:55:16pm on 1/6/09
clareCARNAGE writes...
at 7:03:00pm on 12/18/08
i win ^^
clareCARNAGE writes...
at 5:44:06pm on 12/16/08
lol what's up?
clareCARNAGE writes...
at 12:20:57pm on 12/14/08
haha yay me ^^
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