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My name is Whit and Anime is my best friend...
Anime, Manga, Pokémon, Big Brother, vidya games and doing the Mashed Potato
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Anime music mostly but I love music in general.
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Viking Beards
Posted on: November 17, 2014, at 12:15:42pm   [2 comments]
What would you have kept in your beard if you were a Viking?

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Snozzberries12th writes...
at 9:04:59am on 12/22/14
And I have returned after disappearing off the face of the planet for ages! Sorry I had a lot of things to take care of for a bit there, and oh man I have not jammed out to Hi Hi in a long while.
Shyzie writes...
at 10:52:54pm on 12/18/14
I have the first manga of Get Backers and it seems pretty good. I just never got around to reading more of it or looking up the anime. :3
reptile3141 writes...
at 5:10:20am on 12/7/14
FACT: Since I delete my comments I actually cant remember either, lmao. But I love Studio Ghibli with a passion. OH, Elfin Lied was the last series I watched. My god fkn brootal. ;__;
s1rnight writes...
at 8:49:48pm on 12/6/14
yeah! its good. i ought to watch more tho
Darkregen writes...
at 7:47:16pm on 12/6/14
I have no idea who kekero is. I would say Ky Kiske or Order Sol.
s1rnight writes...
at 2:40:44pm on 12/6/14
haha for some reason i thought yr username was "WashukunCurryClan"
Darkregen writes...
at 11:44:33pm on 12/5/14
Oh hell yea! That would be amazing :) I might have an issue with Geass Eye Contacts. Idk if they actually alter vision or make things look super trippy.
Darkregen writes...
at 10:53:52pm on 12/5/14
Sweet :D I would wear My Code Geass Lelouch Outfit but same thing. I can't :P
Darkregen writes...
at 10:41:08pm on 12/5/14
Thanks, that made my day right there :)
Metharill writes...
at 11:22:36pm on 12/1/14
U say we are never on at the same time but just remember I tried to get u on things that work better then this :p. And don't act like u don't txt lol
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