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I'm a boy, I'm left-handed and I make as many edits on a song as I can. Edits created: 15 Edits Other Names: uNkNowN / uNkNowNeRRoR / uNkNowNwaRRioR / Warrior5642 / Warrior5643 / Soujiro / BTW... sakuraharunoblossom or chrislover1000 are one of my cousins or somethin like that.
Games: Stepmania, Starcraft, FFR, Super Smash Bros., TV Shows: Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Bleach, Naruto, Other: Animating (Not Good), Making Music, Trying to Learn to Make Games,
Fav Music:
NeoMAX, The Legend of Max, Daikenkai, Cobalt, Dan Dan Do, Setsujou Danka, HAPPY SKY (another), Kakumei, Fascination MAXX, Xepher, A, AA, AAA, Xuxa, V (For Extreme), Z, 321 Stars, Burning Heat, Tsugaru, Sakura, Tsu.Respect.Gamush, Alones (Aqua Times),
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DJ Dolce Plays Andromeda
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BellaSwan2.0 writes...
at 8:27:13pm on 8/28/09
Hey i like your avatar, it's pretty funny
Warrior5642 writes...
at 11:00:38pm on 2/24/08
Ty guys, i barely use this account now, and now i have a youtube account.
master chief101 writes...
at 2:56:55pm on 2/22/08
your right he does have a cool avtar sup!
Bradbjh writes...
at 10:18:39am on 1/19/08
hey Warrior cool Avatar im sorry it took me so long to respond
melissa krause writes...
at 8:48:08pm on 9/28/07
cool avatar
chrislover1000 writes...
at 5:38:27pm on 9/15/07
can u download this from youtube? tlletubies from hell. because i need to put it on my profile
sakuraharunoblossom writes...
at 11:53:17pm on 9/14/07
actally ur my uncle not cousin
chrislover1000 writes...
at 1:42:56pm on 9/3/07
are you back from fresno?
striketoraid writes...
at 8:18:40pm on 8/31/07
hello :]
sakuraharunoblossom writes...
at 8:14:57pm on 8/31/07
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