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About me:
wht up! I'm Isabelle. I'm 16 years old (06/12) I'm the hater n°1 of the "ppl labelers" or whaterver their fckng name is... I'm not Emo, I'm definetly not Punk nor Goth, or whatever u think. the truth is that even if I (4 some reason) act like it or like some stuff of it, I'm not.end of story. im! lol i know, i know..its sooo thrilled, but its true. Im totally obssessed with the Phantom of The Opera and the Twilight series!!! I laugh bout almost everything [so dont be scared xD] and I love comments, so leav 1! :P more info? ask me! :)
+TwIlIgHt SeRiEs+ +The Phantom of The Opera+ +candies+ +chocolate+ +MuSiC+ +BoyZ+ +FrIeNdS+ +FREEDOM+ +maKeuP+ +PhoTogrApHie+ +Reading+ +ParTieS+ +paInting+ +plaYingPiaNo+ +ForeigNLenGuages+ +ComPuterS+ +MsN+ +ChaTtinG+ +MyKittEn+ +etc...
Fav Music:'s too long! uhm...just get this in general: +++ROCK+++ +MetaL+ +HarDcore+ +some PunK+ +DisCo+ +RocK&Roll+ +oLdiEs+ +SkA+ +etc...
Fav Movies:
HORROR! and comedy..
Random Thoughts
Sorry... :(
Posted on: December 27, 2008, at 06:36:42pm   [0 comments]
hey ppl! whats up?
so, uhm...just wanted to apologyze if i dont answer ur comments right away, but anyway, i promess i will..eventually.. o.O
yes, there's an, im kind of grounded all the time...different reasons..ask me if u want ;)
and..yeah! thats it ^-^

Comment wall
-Babii- writes...
at 2:46:24pm on 10/3/11
WTF?! :)
mfdat phantom writes...
at 7:10:59pm on 9/8/09
hello hello sweet girl
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 7:03:01pm on 8/5/09
damn who doesnt have summer school?
thats weird
but great news!
i would hate to repeat a grade
Bluearrowll writes...
at 4:35:46pm on 8/4/09
Thats cool to hear ;)
melodyz writes...
at 4:14:47pm on 8/4/09
thanx for the vote! <3
Bluearrowll writes...
at 4:12:06pm on 8/4/09
Boo :P
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 8:32:48pm on 7/31/09
i see
couldnt you have done summer school?
KEM627 writes...
at 3:01:15am on 7/24/09
Hey, I know it, its been sometime.
I'm goo just chillin and hanging out with people and trying to make the best of summer xD
Thank you, C:
How about youu?
Ohh, and btw I might not be on a lot because FFR has been causing my computer to have problems, so I won't be on as much :|
i_am_phenomenon writes...
at 11:58:35am on 7/21/09
like you failed the grade entirely?
or just a few clases?
im sorry =[
XxyoitsgabzxX writes...
at 7:25:13pm on 7/16/09
thanks for your vote ;D
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