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Japenese people and there werid....shows...
Posted on: February 16, 2008, at 06:42:22pm   [1 comment]

I am SoooOooo BUYING this gane
Posted on: February 16, 2008, at 04:59:45pm   [0 comments]

I Still Play >=O [2-13-08]
Posted on: February 13, 2008, at 02:14:38pm   [0 comments]
just wanted 2 say that i still play

even though i did quit for a long time...*shrugs*

oh well,doesnt matter


....back to FFR O.o

Posted on: August 29, 2007, at 02:16:30pm   [4 comments]
alot of ppl (mostly my close friends and RL friends) say im like a vampire cause of a few....."personal".. things i do and have BUT IM NOT A VAMPIRE only cause i:

1) i love bats

2) my room is blood red

3) i can stay up all night for 3-5days without getting tired

4)i let a bat bite me to see wat it feels like

5) morning light bothers me

6)my dentist is gana sharpen my teeth so i can have fangs

7)my eyes turn red after staying awake for 2days+

8)i LOVE night time and night animals (like snakes and bats)

9)My favorite color is dark red

OK OK OTHER that all that,THAT does not make me a vampire so get it over with *anger*

My favorite anime >=0
Posted on: August 27, 2007, at 11:38:04pm   [2 comments]
Air TV
Bokura Ga ita
Chrono Crusade
Code Lyoko
Death note
Dectective Conan
Digimon Tamers
Elfen lied
Family Guy
Final Fantasy
Full moon wo sagashite
Fullmetal alchemist
Great teacher Onizuka
Kima ga nozomu Eien
Megaman NT warrior
Rurouni Kenshin
Samurai Champloo
Street Fighter
Sumomo Momomo
etc...cant remember them all =.=

Comment wall
moondoggie_luv writes...
at 12:57:30pm on 5/31/08
OMG!! its been 4ever since i talked to u last! how have ya been?
Dark0Malkavian writes...
at 5:57:06am on 5/21/08
You're very welcome. XD
Dark0Malkavian writes...
at 10:36:12pm on 5/9/08
Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiicent! *Drools and faints* THUMBS UP!
susan271 writes...
at 1:09:30pm on 4/19/08
hey vinny i see u still play =P
u still cant beat me >.> lol well mabey ...
i still play fly to im level 80 ...finally... xD
how are u anyways ?
KikiKitty writes...
at 8:27:52pm on 4/4/08
I was at school and stoof. Life.
So what's up?
*mysticdarkness* writes...
at 8:49:29pm on 3/10/08
Hey how have YOU been ^?^
Icenri writes...
at 2:25:25pm on 3/3/08
Ahí ahí, promoviendo el anime. Cuarto en ronda española!
Paperleaf writes...
at 11:58:16pm on 3/2/08
Hiy Vinnie. n__n Nice to talk to you again.
My sofa is fine... *stares at strangely* wtf. XD And yours?
hurricaneheistess777 writes...
at 9:02:42am on 2/19/08
tru lol so wats up?
*mysticdarkness* writes...
at 10:02:31pm on 2/17/08
Hehe, yeah I't soo annoying trying to get an AAA and maybe miss one arrow >< Well new tokens are good... Meh, not much here, some of my plans for the weekend got messed up so I guess I'm tryin to enjoy it as much as I can regardless :P U?
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