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sammy45 writes...
at 2:22:16am on 9/15/11
What exactly provoked you to call me a fake? Better yet, explain to me, how the fuck am I a fake?
sammy45 writes...
at 2:07:14am on 9/15/11
Excuse me?
Nivenalis writes...
at 7:52:10pm on 8/22/11
Thanks for the vote. :D:D:D:D"DD::D:D::""S:LELG
KazekageGaaraluvr writes...
at 8:59:01pm on 10/9/09
NO!!! That wud b bad
KazekageGaaraluvr writes...
at 8:52:26pm on 10/9/09
No....yew do...when I was new here...I had like 1 pic up until I got tew doing more and more...
KazekageGaaraluvr writes...
at 8:46:56pm on 10/9/09
WOW, yew have up more pics than I did when I was new...
KazekageGaaraluvr writes...
at 8:40:35pm on 10/9/09
I like the way u dress.
Synthlight writes...
at 8:33:21pm on 10/9/09
First person to post on your wall.