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Sometimes I come on here to....
Posted on: October 11, 2009, at 09:15:41am

Give you a taste of Unsaved's Thoughts.Sometimes tey are quite painful to read and sometimes they hurt people.Well lets begin anew entrance shall we?

Well I was awake until 5.I texted this guy I may have developed a small crush on for awhile and If I do say so myself,It went smoothly.
I have noticed an increase in my jealousy rate.It has spiked more and more each day as I watch what used to be and I only utter a few words to who he used to be.And what doesnt pass my lips is what I really think.So much pain it has caused but Maybe this is for the greater good.For once in my life things seem ok.Sometimes.
I still have the hardest time making my temper float into and abyss of nothingness.How disgustingly atrocious.It seems like the trigger that pushes me to my limit is that person I shall not speak of for I have made it clear he is a ghost.A lonely ghost of m past that haunts me everyday ad makes me realize just how much life can hand you shit.
I have changed so much over the course of these almost 2 years and nothing can stop me anymore.Not him,Not her,not anything.I am just about as done with that part of my life as a dog will give up its food.and yes that is a thing for I am not ready and I never will be but I can't dwell.
I am done writing.