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As if you could outrun me... As if you could fight me off.
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For All Friend Requestees.
Posted on: March 18, 2008, at 11:06:34pm   [1 comment]
If I don't know you personally, I won't add you.

If you want to play me, comment.

If you want to profile vote, ...Thanks?

Comment wall
Sweagen writes...
at 5:23:59pm on 1/2/09
Annnd Happy New Year to you then. :D
Sweagen writes...
at 9:06:24pm on 12/17/08
I'm really looking forward to playing you sometime TreeLeif.
I notice you haven't logged in in a while though.
I'll be waiiiiting.
P.S. You don't know this, but I passed you in overall rank, and that's been my goal ever since we played.. xD
Crazyjayde writes...
at 11:29:06am on 10/2/08
Omg Onion Head ^^
So kewt, thumbs up :3
Sweagen writes...
at 9:43:16am on 9/21/08
Is it one day yet?
I need someone to play.. xD
I've REALLY improved, just to let you know.
PM me sometime so we can playy....or something.
Sweagen writes...
at 5:44:40pm on 8/23/08
We will meet again.
seairaaa writes...
at 8:07:14pm on 8/8/08
It's that new program FFR added recently. It's on the homepage; just check the updates and you should find the link to it real easily. :3
seairaaa writes...
at 3:43:08pm on 7/25/08
Ohay. I just noticed you're pretty nearby on the map thinger. What's up? :3
Dylan696 writes...
at 8:04:10pm on 4/19/08
NP, hows it going ?
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 12:16:05pm on 4/10/08
Yep...making the room now. Called TreeLeif.
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 12:02:03pm on 4/10/08
Youve been a member as long as me...but you're easily better.
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