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Hey,I like to play osu! ._.
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Magic girl by shihori
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Link251 writes at 4:40:49am on 1/15/21
Nice. Hope everything goes well, can't wait to see!
Tokaku writes at 1:40:05am on 1/15/21
Yeah Link i reqested for an artist in the forums, she will be done in 1-2 weeks xd
Link251 writes at 10:38:00pm on 1/14/21
Do you have any type of theme for your profile?
Tokaku writes at 10:23:09am on 1/14/21
Hey spongie xd
spongebobismysenpai writes at 10:19:47am on 1/14/21
Tokaku writes at 9:53:02am on 1/14/21
Thanks guys bruh i am working on the profile it seems hard to make it look Nice amma find a way for sure.
CammyGoesRawr writes at 7:36:37pm on 1/13/21
tokaku moment
ElectricZap9 writes at 7:19:53pm on 1/13/21
or is it? owo
ElectricZap9 writes at 7:19:41pm on 1/13/21
Atlast, another real female!!
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 5:40:06pm on 1/13/21
Can't wait to see dank profile :)