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like u give a shit
being lazy, playing games, hangin with friends
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S.O.A.D, Slipknot, NIN, Job for a Cowboy, Unearth, Disturbed, Dethklok
Fav Movies:
300, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Last of the Mohicans, Fight Club, Matrix Trilogy, Unleashed, Underworld, Kill Bill, American History X, Desperados, i can't think of anymore
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I remember when this was the shit
Posted on: August 11, 2007, at 01:55:14am   [0 comments]

I love this fuckin movie
Posted on: August 11, 2007, at 01:45:04am   [0 comments]

Some dude kicking ass at stepmania
Posted on: August 11, 2007, at 01:34:25am   [0 comments]

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i love you writes...
at 10:03:36pm on 6/15/08
Hi ^0^ <3
Vote thumbs up on my profile <3
Izzy writes...
at 12:57:32pm on 5/30/08
julie. writes...
at 4:21:29pm on 8/16/07
No, not yet. Did you?
julie. writes...
at 11:05:00pm on 8/15/07
julie. writes...
at 2:00:28am on 8/11/07
well you are on now.
julie. writes...
at 1:50:54am on 8/11/07
nothing, you?
julie. writes...
at 11:42:32pm on 7/28/07
I'm sorry
julie. writes...
at 5:25:51pm on 7/28/07
why's that
julie. writes...
at 10:58:56pm on 7/27/07
well I hate my life
julie. writes...
at 12:48:37am on 7/27/07
nothing really. you?
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