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About me: Start by given a shout out to my home boyz out there Hydrick , Shawn , Albert , Alex , Fidencio , Chris , John , Tyler , Cory , Mike and for Home Gurlz Jessie and Carrie. and my main special homegurl Darcel stay fresh , and fly , lol do what you do best and know I got ya back even if I gotta fly or drive to where you are I got ya 4 Life........... A little about myself: Into BMX , Paintball, Guns, Building computers and no im not a "NERD" i just so happen to know about them lol, Clothes I gots to dress fresh at all times if possible lol but I like dressing in fancy suit's , to me i feel I should wear suit's to show responsibility and know what im doing and yes at time's im that type of guy who wear's a suit to one of thoe's dinner parties that thoes rich people attend to I dunno I just love suit's plus I have been told I look way better in one ^_^ , Games, Movies, All music except country but I like SOCA , Reagee how ever you spell it lol , and the type of music that relate's to my life and some HIP-HOP & R&B , Rap ect. , street raceing , Motorcycles ect. , Car Show's , NOPI , and Females of course lol and some other interests I may or may have not said before is DDR aka Dance Dance Revolution (Allways gunna be a DDR FREAK!!!!), Street Racing , Motorcycles , Car Shows , Paintball , Fishing , Motorcross , Freestyle Street Skate , Building High Performance Computer's , Voice Acting , Movie Acting , Making Beats , Video Game's , Sport's , Art , Fashion , Photography , Asian's , Japanese , Chinese , Vietnamies , Latino's , Peurtorican's how ever you spell that one lol , Hawiian's ect. and alot of other $hit ask and i'll let ya know......Im just me get to know me and you'll like me as a good friend as well , try and you will see for yourself.........and im not extreamly religous so I may mention God alot but it's only because without him where nothing and lost ya feel me......All I ask is to give a chance to get to know me before you judge me , cause your really not suppose to judge anyone but for thoes who do , you can't judge who you dont know...........Oh and make sure to remember me for I will be in movies soon ^_~ i got connections in the industry so look for me in movies...... My description once agian: I..m a sweet , nice , loveing , careing Guy...I'm very giveing I love to help people in need , im fun to get along with , funny at times , and smart if I want to be at times lol....But I have a bad side like everyone els in the world but I don't like to show it , I stay away from anger cause it's not good for me or anyone els and im mean for there own sake, but my temper isn't short it take's a min. lol.... 5..11 Athletic 155Lbs Black short hair was long but might be growin it back out again past or at sholder..s at least maybe lol... Dark brown eyes Carmel skin tone... What I look for in friends: Good attitude Easy goin Honest No drama Cool to hang out with People I can always trust at all times..... And I don't want back stabbin friend's that would do somethin to hurt me or get me in trouble.... What I look for in a female is : Long term Serious Relationship or Friendship........ Nice personality....... Beautiful mind...... Got her head on streight............ Know's what she want's in life and what she gunna do in life........... Cute , Beautiful , Pretty............ Stay's in shape if not we can work on it........... Thing's in common......... Like/Love me for who I am........... Not annoying........ Easy going........ Patient is a must....... Someone that will stick with me no matter what............ None Materialistic don't get me wrong I still would get thing's but not like everytime you want somethin ya feel me , and when i do get thing's there good ^_^ ......... No drama........... Someone I can trust at all times........... Respect my decision's......... I like and rather a light skin gurl , mixed race , or forign , white is fine don't care but it all don't matter really just my prefference but all kind's of female's are ok........ I'f you pass these thing's then we on a good track..... And I wonna give a shout out to God for he has gave us all life and here we stand today livin and meetin eachotha so I give my most thanks to him.....and also he made all possible........ And R.I.P to my cousin carlos AKA super man , my closest homeboy Hydrick..s sister Michelle , my Grandad and my street raceing homie Mike love ya like tru family suppose to I..ll see all yall soon.... I thank God for bringing these few people in my life that have stuck with me as a friend and family: Hydrick , Shann , Drew , Alex , Albert , Chris , Tyler , Cory , John , Carrie , Jessie , Preston & His Bro Lex.....And my close family MoM , Brother , my 2 Oldest big sister's , Dad , Step-Dad , and Uncle Harold AKA X NFL Player/Coach , Aunt Carrolin his wife I think I spelt that right lol and his son/my cousin Brandon.......And last but not least I also thank God for the 2 extreamly special people I ever had in my life and still will be special to me as family and friend's : Darcel & Angelica...... Fa Sho... Thank all of you for stoppin by to see my page leave some love for me to read and Don't leave me no half A$$ messeges.....J/ what ya wont just leave a lil somethin for me to read like a messege or a comment lol or hit me up on AIM at : ccjackson14 it's also my aol E-mail or Yahoo at carlton_Jackson also my E-mail....Thank you all im out Holla at ya boi ~1~ Love C......
DDR , In the Groove , movies Street Racing , Car Shows ect. ask to get more....
Fav Music:
Reaggee , Soca , Celtic , Rave , Techno , Rap , Hip Hop & R&B , House , Electronica , Airbic , Dance , Deathmeatle , Relaxation , Jazz ect.
Fav Movies:
All Movies but really I have most movies on DVD I have about over 700 All new and old so no need to rent any when i buy all that comes out lol...
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So you know how to play ffr ?same principe as ddr ultramix 4!
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