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championanwar writes...
at 11:07:05am on 11/18/09
Hello there, I've heard about you from my friend Foilman8805 - he's had a lot of nice things to say about you, and it'd be nice to talk to you myself. Is it safe to talk?
Syhto writes...
at 7:01:18pm on 11/17/09
NFD writes...
at 2:00:45am on 11/3/09
Grats on unbanned.
yoanlin writes...
at 5:45:55pm on 3/27/08
lol 100 profile votes.
TrIPLle K xX writes...
at 6:19:12am on 2/27/08
irishknight writes...
at 4:24:38pm on 2/21/08
True enough.
Rebirth0 writes...
at 11:03:40pm on 2/19/08
Go ahead and say whatever you want about me. Anything you say will only hurt you in the end; you shouldv'e realized this.
Rebirth0 writes...
at 10:52:58pm on 2/19/08
Would you just give it up. You're so crappy at trying to cut me down. Don't complain at one person unless you can really do something better
Rebirth0 writes...
at 8:30:02pm on 2/19/08
If you think you can step any one of the songs I've stepped for FFR better than I have, please, go ahead. If the judges rule it better than my file, I'll remove every single sim I have in this game.
Good luck, seeing as how you're banned and aren't able to submit simfiles.
omgitznpv writes...
at 5:50:15pm on 2/19/08
Sure, go ahead.
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