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Goals set 16 (Wow I'm already on #16 of these)
Posted on: July 20, 2013, at 02:10:04pm

I've made goal sets before to push myself to get better, so here's set 16:
Achieve 4 of 5 of the following;
1] FC 1300 files (or 88.5% of all public files)
2] [x] AAA 600 files (or 40% of all public files)
3] [x] AAA a 60+ File
4] [x] SDG a 66+ File
5] [x] Get 95% of FFR perfect while less than 3% boo percentage.

  1. these are some easy goals

  2. Gotta start somewhere

  3. chu better than me in it .-. lol i think i am just lazy to do goals :P

  4. did u got oni already? put it in ya list! :D

  5. Oni for me is 1 big skill boost away, my best is a high SDG