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Recruiting member of Team Domination! Currently accepting tryouts, so if you would like to enjoy a greater FFR gaming experience, fire off a comment or PM and I'll get back to you as fast as I can :D
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TD_Project writes...
at 12:54:32pm on 2/17/11
Site is running still, looking for all TD members to join up and be a part of the Team Domnation Project website!
See you there!
- Darcy T
TD_Project writes...
at 5:11:22pm on 2/16/11
Welcome to the dark side.
jarsh writes...
at 11:35:22am on 1/9/11
Well, I actually joined the TD site as jarsh, but I can add a TD account if I need to.
jarsh writes...
at 11:33:00am on 1/9/11
Hey man, glad to hear I made it in. So next, I need to make a new TD FFR account, then use that account to join the TD site, right?
Yuuka Kazami writes...
at 7:17:36pm on 12/31/10
jarsh writes...
at 9:35:07pm on 12/29/10
I was just in MP and it lagged a lot through several songs. I'll definitely still give it a shot though. I'm heading to bed right now. Try to catch up with me tomorrow and if not, I'll be on a lot this weekend. We'll figure something out.
kiki_124 writes...
at 9:03:15pm on 12/29/10
oh its alright and i didnt get a request ;p
whats yours?
kiki_124 writes...
at 9:00:15pm on 12/29/10
hes to much of a self-centered attention whore. I made a mistake and he wouldnt let me fix it at all. And I dont need that in my life. super happy.
jarsh writes...
at 8:54:42pm on 12/29/10
On Thursday lol.
kiki_124 writes...
at 8:54:37pm on 12/29/10
Thanks for the vote and if you read my wall. Dont worry im happy im not with him anymore xD
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