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Being BerZerkR longer.
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Mainly grindcore
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The Brave little toaster
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TD_Project writes...
at 1:01:13pm on 2/17/11
Site is running still, looking for all TD members to join up and be a part of the Team Domnation Project website!
See you there!
- Darcy T
TD_Project writes...
at 2:40:40am on 12/13/10
I'm getting all TD members together onto our forum for now, and planning out some stuff to get TD back together!
Currently named "The TD Project"
Swing on by, register and let's be friends :)
V.!.P.gUrL CryYstal writes...
at 10:04:19pm on 4/19/09
O rly?
TD_lonewolf01 writes...
at 8:12:15pm on 4/12/09
lol. i dont come on here as often anymore. i have recently from boredom, but before that it was at least 2 months before i got back on again
TD_lonewolf01 writes...
at 10:47:51pm on 4/11/09
i'm alright myself. wow it's really been awhile lol
TD_lonewolf01 writes...
at 11:43:09am on 4/10/09
hi, how are you?
TD_Project writes...
at 3:09:06am on 10/27/08
All Team Domination members who are still active message me back saying your alive and well :) I'm creating a list of active TD's and deciding where to go from there.
Thanks :)
TD_lonewolf01 writes...
at 1:56:08pm on 12/2/07
yeah what crimsin said xD
support your team!
TD_crimsin_lightning writes...
at 9:33:40am on 11/30/07
yo man, make sure to join the 1st unoffical tourney with ur TD name quick times!
SioloiS writes...
at 5:45:54pm on 11/25/07
Love ur avi.
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