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FFR Average Rank:26,148
FFR Grandtotal Rank:40,355
FFR Grandtotal:240,381,390
FFR Games Played:309
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Gaming Region:USA - New England
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mnnicol writes...
at 6:50:54pm on 1/9/09
Alright, sorry, but I give up. My wifi won't stay connected for even a minute 'cos it's dumb =(
Definitely want to play you again sometime though 8)
lukestepwalker writes...
at 8:56:03pm on 12/1/08
dush bag writes...
at 9:01:00pm on 7/19/08
AznGreen writes...
at 9:11:15pm on 7/17/08
i owe ya BIG telos =D. finally got that token!1!
AznGreen writes...
at 8:54:05pm on 7/17/08
hly sh*t that is one tough cookie to get!!1 totally failed getting destiny v2 XD
AznGreen writes...
at 5:07:54pm on 7/17/08
how'd you manage to figure out the whole destiny thing anyways? you can't guess on this like lunamarionette... like i did XD. talking about lunamarionette, i've gotten that token at least 5 times already and it only registered for me once. i got it twice in my old account and only one registered. i got it three times on this account!1! non registered X(
AznGreen writes...
at 10:17:19pm on 7/16/08
hey telos, how'd you get destiney v2? i know there's a trick to it, but i'm stumped XP
CensorBar writes...
at 10:24:09pm on 7/15/08
I need to verse you again ;O I got better
silent whisper writes...
at 7:38:53pm on 7/15/08
307 songs played 86 skill tokens and 29 tokens.....NICE
7yL3r writes...
at 3:29:35pm on 7/15/08
Thanks for the thumbs up right back at ya.. damn this page is all cool :O
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