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Hullo. I r Brian. Andili says I no pwn :'(. I'm 19 years old (pedo status on this site >.>). I'm slipping back into my insomniac ways. I write too much when I'm bored (like now). I'm a pilot on the world's second largest balloon (located in the San Diego Wild Animal Park)... Blah blah blah... MESSAGE / ADD ME! and ask moar if you care :)
ROCK BAND! FFR, MySpace, Getting Better @ FFR, Chatting with you ;)
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Check my MySpace. The list is too insanely long for FFR. I probably used half of MySpace's allowed bandwidth putting that list on my page xD:
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Again... Myspace... Bandwidth... etc.
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Posted on: June 4, 2008, at 02:31:11am   [4 comments]
My first Random Thought...

I'd just like you all to check out my first AAA scoring over 2,000,000 points ;D

Rondo Alla Turca, Difficulty 9, saved in my playback games.

I just got a new computer, and holy Jesus nutsack. I never realized how badly the lag was killing my PA 'til I got my new set up (when I moved about 2 days ago). I can actually READ the notes now. It's an amazing concept. When I see the notes, I hit the notes.

This was impossible on my old POS comp. I'm now feeling confident that I will rape D2 in this tourney ^.^

Zap_Track, you're not alone anymore ;)

Edit: Just found out Zap has been placed in D3 now. I win.

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nuclearsamurai writes...
at 1:12:03pm on 5/25/09
BBoyGNF writes...
at 2:28:48am on 4/12/09
Lol for a second I thought this was a ghost account trying to fuck with me. xD
TrixiePuff writes...
at 12:11:08pm on 12/7/08
You suck balls dude I'm not going to catch up to that D:
I don't even play FFR everyday and more.
I'm taking a break.
Plus fuck my I'm working every day I don't have school this week.
passivegirl writes...
at 8:46:02pm on 12/6/08
Lol, I thought it was andili talking to me cuz I was just looking at the av at first. and yesh, I know who this is! And great job :]
TrixiePuff writes...
at 7:57:15pm on 12/6/08
good stuff xP
TrixiePuff writes...
at 11:14:48am on 12/6/08
How come I wasn't invited to that cam?
MikeShinoda12345 writes...
at 5:35:23am on 12/6/08
why would I block you or zeroskill?
Shortboyownz writes...
at 11:06:13am on 11/10/08
lol fucker ima hack you brian LOL
Chaorro writes...
at 10:54:18am on 7/21/08
heyhey sup
Renji6999 writes...
at 12:00:42am on 7/21/08
ha well sensi i practiced and its going good for me. im better now then i was yesterday. have anything else for me
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