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About me:
I make music, maybe some will be featured on here, who knows :P I've made a track which has been 1st in a weekly top 5 on another site. :P Im cool. Too bad I'm not single :P
Music. Games. Tv.
Fav Music:
Rock + Drum n Bass Maybe some Club.
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Sp1r1T writes...
at 7:59:22am on 1/5/08
Hold on, I added your aim :P
Sp1r1T writes...
at 7:32:14am on 1/5/08
I'm making a new track, Im gonna make it for FFR, Im calling it flash :P
I might out it on ng though.
Sp1r1T writes...
at 6:58:12am on 1/5/08
no, but I have msn :P
well I do have aim, but i deleted the prog.
Nightfirecat writes...
at 8:34:39pm on 1/4/08
Hey, do you have an AIM account? I need to talk to ya.
BerZerkR writes...
at 7:58:32pm on 1/4/08
Hey there, when I get a computer I'm going to start stepping your songs. I really like your music.
Sp1r1T writes...
at 7:32:15pm on 1/4/08
cool :) this is probably good for you
Blue June writes...
at 7:31:17pm on 1/4/08
don't worry. your eyes will adjust to the arrows the more you play.
Sp1r1T writes...
at 7:06:24pm on 1/4/08
Ohhh man, Im really bad at this. I can do upto Beginner. I can't do standard.
Nightfirecat writes...
at 6:52:47pm on 1/4/08
By the way... I'd guide you to this thread if you want to give people easy access to step your songs.
Nightfirecat writes...
at 6:29:58pm on 1/4/08
Sweet! 2nd person to post on your wall.
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