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Son Paimon

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I was more me yesterday than I ever was tomorrow.
Video games, anime, music
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Good music
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Good movies, crappy movies if I'm bored.
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ifeelit writes at 1:17:58pm on 5/11/17
ahh, reasonable lol and same ol same ol for me. Same shit different day. I skill boosted quite a bit since the last time we played aha
ifeelit writes at 4:04:22pm on 5/8/17
where u been
Subzerokid writes at 2:30:07pm on 11/10/16
You must be a pretty good ninja, then. >.>
Subzerokid writes at 4:42:37pm on 11/8/16
Where have you been?:(
ifeelit writes at 4:55:16am on 9/20/16
haven't seen you online in a while. Let's plan it and play together again sometime. Would be interesting too see how much we have both improved.
Kawaii025 writes at 7:27:19pm on 9/19/16
Your signature is the best.
"*tap* *tap* *mistap* "F@$%!!!!!""