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Solid Dreams
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About me:
God I don't know what to put. I listen to 60s/80s/90s pop rock, and a lot of metal. I play mostly RPGs, and I read a ton. I'm a horror movie addict, no matter how bad it is I'll watch it.
Syhto, reading, gaming, music, horror movies. Makes me really unique.
Fav Music:
Darkane, Nightrage, Mors Principium Est, Devildriver, Napalm Death, Hypocrisy, Moonspell, Mad Capsule Markets, I USED to like Pink Floyd, Anthrax, continue this list of metal etc etc, Meatloaf, Earthbound soundtrack, old Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind...
Fav Movies:
Lost Boys, The Monster Squad, Halloween, Let the Right One In, Inside, [REC], and a bunch of other cheesy horror movies like Night of the Creeps, Return of the Living Dead, Man's Best Friend
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DarkbearX writes...
at 9:28:05pm on 9/2/09
when y'all gonna play ro again
massflavour writes...
at 2:50:31am on 7/30/09
cool cat
NFD writes...
at 1:38:50pm on 7/21/09
Why'd you skip the 70's, that's where a lot of the good rock is, besides the 60's.
Lady_D writes...
at 8:43:27pm on 6/5/09
HA I know right!
Even off the stage, the actors still try to act like their characters D;
And omG have you ever seen Mr. Jingles?
Lady_D writes...
at 6:47:11pm on 6/5/09
I swear, almost everyone is flocking to it as if they've NEVER heard (or seen) a Vampire flick before. ~rolls eyes~
Lady_D writes...
at 5:45:19pm on 6/3/09
Lol I love watching vampire movies, and I'll watch just about any vampire movie (especially the really bad ones). But for some reason, I can't bring myself to watch Twilight.
Syhto writes...
at 7:37:14pm on 5/27/09
How am I so amazing
DaJerk1300 writes...
at 12:40:45am on 5/9/09
datz rite
Syhto writes...
at 9:02:19pm on 3/22/09
Adamaja456 writes...
at 3:24:20pm on 3/21/09
thanks for replying to my picture in that thread
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