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Just a teenager living in hell on earth; commonly known as Texas.
I enjoy playing DDR and FFR (Though I'm much better at the former), watching various anime, band, MMO's, etc.
Fav Music:
Favorite would have to be Heavy Metal, but most music sits well with me sans Country and Rap.
Fav Movies:
You know those movies that screw with your head? Yeah. Those and Action movies.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: January 13, 2009, at 06:49:58pm   [0 comments]
I bet you all thought I was dead.
Well I'm not.
That is all.

*Insert Swearing...HERE*
Posted on: August 13, 2008, at 09:08:25am   [0 comments]
So yeah.

My computer is so dilapidated nowadays and causes so much lag that I am completely incapable of FC'ing even an EASY ranked song. Mega gay.

On a side and much more positive note - I'm now an Eagle Scout.

End of the Year Goals
Posted on: September 1, 2007, at 09:22:05pm   [2 comments]
These are the things that I REALLY want to accomplish before the year rolls on over to 2008.

Full Combo at LEAST 10 Challenging songs
Switchback [Heavy]
CIA Rave
Hyper Pressure
Secrets and Lies


Full Combo at LEAST 1 Very Challenging

Get at LEAST 15 Tier Points

Get to a minimum of 65 AAA's
COMPLETED 10/16/07

Get to a minimum of 155 FC's
COMPLETED 10/16/07

Get average level rank under 1500
COMPLETED 10/16/07
And then FAILED shortly thereafter

Place within the top 8 of the Official Tournament
FAILED - Eliminated by the Round 5 Tiebreaker: {Rose}

Win a tournament
Truth - Beginner Division
COMPLETED 11/13/07

Well, damn. Missed the ones more important to me. Oh well.

Couple of things
Posted on: August 5, 2007, at 12:51:26pm   [1 comment]
Well, first and foremost... I guess I should officially announce that I have succumbed to that which is known as Spread. While I loved being a "good" Index player, and I'll always remember that that is how I started this great game... the fact of the matter is that it just DOESN'T CUT IT. If I really want to get good at this game, I have to learn Spread. This could take a while, though. People aren't kidding when they say it's a pain in the ass converting. =

Oh, and.... OMGWTF. I got a Cookay from John! =O

Posted on: July 7, 2007, at 04:45:19pm   [0 comments]
*falls over from exhaustion*
I am FINALLY home for the first REAL time in over three weeks. God I've been ready to come home. All the stuff I did was great and all, but you just can't beat home.

Comment wall
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 12:07:10pm on 12/12/09
Stop pretending to die.
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 9:40:13pm on 1/13/09
Dude, wtf.
Where have you beeeeeen. XD
jugglinguy writes...
at 7:01:10pm on 9/2/08
crazypandemonium writes...
at 7:00:18pm on 9/2/08
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 12:03:25pm on 7/26/08
I look forward to you getting a computer. :D
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 2:04:09pm on 7/25/08
It sure feels like once every blue moon. =X
Well....whenever you do get insanely active on this site, lemme knowwwww.
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 1:56:18pm on 7/21/08
It wasn't meant to be demeaning, hahaha.
But uh, the reason Schwinn got a paragraph was because I've NEVER seen her for ages. You pop online every once in a blue moon.
Also, get a new computer. That is all.
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 1:59:17pm on 7/20/08
You know exactly what I mean!
You're never here. =X
jugglinguy writes...
at 3:49:34pm on 5/8/08
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 6:37:57am on 5/8/08
Start playing like crazy now. =)
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