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ShadowSonic200's Gameplay Stats Today
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Mostly Making Video Game Walkthroughs And Uploading Them In Youtube.
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Mostly Video Game Music And most Importantly CaramellDansen!!!
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Cant Really decide.
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ReidenLightman writes...
at 8:55:51pm on 1/3/15
Used to play here as K.T. JDDD. Graduated college now and hopefully I'm on to big things. Friends and I are busy designing games and going to Karaoke every once in a while. Of course, I still play video games. Haven't played In The Groove or Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade frequently in a while. Anyway, just getting in touch with my friends from the old account. I... kind of... forgot the password. Lame, I know.
Speaking of my extremely old comment as K.T, I finally got a Wii. Have a super huge load of goodies for it too. I even load games from it off a USB drive instead of discs. I don't risk my disc! Lol.
I also have a Wii U. Tool fun. Just need that gamecube adapter. Super Smash Bros for the Win.
Yoshi Fan Club Remix writes...
at 9:57:53am on 7/12/08
wanna be in my yoshi fan club remix?
Lil'Yoshi writes...
at 5:50:02pm on 6/30/08
Hows it goin?
ryan_aka_skunk writes...
at 2:40:33am on 6/10/08
long time no play..
are you getting better or what?
i think i am...
it's hard to get better if i only use one hand.
well, we need to challenge again.
K.T JDDD writes...
at 7:18:22pm on 6/8/08
i do not have a wii... yet. I need to buy it myself if i'm gonna get one.
Lil'Yoshi writes...
at 11:42:57am on 6/1/08
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy helllllo
Zero_Vi2us writes...
at 11:00:08pm on 5/29/08
Psychotik writes...
at 10:36:09pm on 5/28/08
thx for the vote newb
munchmunchbone writes...
at 2:55:15pm on 5/28/08
hello there Shadow
ChaosUnown writes...
at 3:23:49pm on 5/27/08
heh, thank you. I just started FFR with one hand, and so I just stuck with it. ^^
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