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Heyy my name is Bridgett and you can call me bridge and I live in LA, California and I am a model for Vicorias Secret and many other stores. I'm 19!! I"m still in college...REALLY HARD and I go to UCLA♥
I love to hang out with GUYS. Me and Hazel_Eyed_67 as you know her as Vanessa we model together so yea!
Fav Music:
I love Justin Timberlake, Fergie, I know Fergie by the way. Um...I like Panic! At the disco, Nickleback, and the fray!!! Lots of other bands and singers too!!! ♥
Fav Movies:
I love romantic movies, scray movies, basically any type of movies!!♥
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fabio3333 writes...
at 10:51:19pm on 1/25/08
wanna be my friend
jayjayboy writes...
at 12:10:11pm on 7/13/07
thumps up hope u can do the same
Angel Rafael writes...
at 10:21:00pm on 5/30/07
Buccman writes...
at 10:01:04am on 5/29/07
ur drunk lol =)
spicyburrito2007 writes...
at 9:04:34pm on 5/7/07
KamonKi writes...
at 10:22:50pm on 4/28/07
hey sup?
HottieAlert writes...
at 6:15:28pm on 4/13/07
sry grl wrong comment i was supposed 2 giva that 2 itza sry ur not ugly ur really pretty n thatz wwat i think
HottieAlert writes...
at 6:14:30pm on 4/13/07
uhh fyi ur da 1 dats UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n u give bad advice
icy_74 writes...
at 5:46:06pm on 3/24/07
nice cool (cool tits)
kylehaas writes...
at 6:49:01pm on 3/21/07
Your have a sad fate waiting for you.
Change your evil ways, repent- or you will be punished
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