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Posted on: May 28, 2007, at 12:52:44pm   [0 comments]
Iunno how much more I'll be on here FFRs like old even tho I havent done everything and all and been here THAT incebibly long I gotta call it an end sometime so its look about now so ur lucky if im still here and talkn right now im not certian prolly just a hiatus right now ok so layta..

Posted on: May 21, 2007, at 02:51:22pm   [0 comments]
A friend showed meh that a few days ago and I got into and im like really GOOD at it its so easy way better than FFR in some ways so who knoes how much longer I'll be FFRn cuz Im pretty good but never good enough but over time weh shall c yup !

Which hand?
Posted on: May 17, 2007, at 03:05:06pm   [0 comments]
Yea just tah let yah knoe Im right handed. So I play FFR with my right hand (A one handed player :D der)and my 3 fingers I use r my index,middle, and pinkey ^^ they say its the hardest way tah FFR witch it ish so thats why u may think im bad because I dont use both hands and using both always makes it eaiser. I use 3 fingers of my left hand and play left handed just for kix sometimes too so maybe someday I'll have enough cordination with both that'll make meh better not like Im not good with 1 hand ^-^

Im getting better.. OO
Posted on: May 16, 2007, at 09:31:59pm   [0 comments]
Maybe maybe not maybe Im just doing good for a rare time or sumten maybe cuz their semi-easy songs oo humm oh well :D

Posted on: May 13, 2007, at 08:08:49pm   [0 comments]
I need tah FFR it up some yea :D might be nyce

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iTaLiAnGuRl4LiFe writes...
at 3:32:13pm on 5/28/07
what why tell me
iTaLiAnGuRl4LiFe writes...
at 2:40:57pm on 5/27/07
hello this is what i look like =D
~sheneen~ writes...
at 3:54:18pm on 5/25/07
Hey it's me sheneen delete my old account and add my new one!!
Jabes writes...
at 8:03:31pm on 5/24/07
yeah i no:D
Jabes writes...
at 7:46:38pm on 5/23/07
im christian evangelist which is like baptist just different customs i guess
Jabes writes...
at 2:01:18pm on 5/23/07
yo whats your religion?(i saw ur interests:)
Jabes writes...
at 6:41:14pm on 5/22/07
yeah sure go ahead
Jabes writes...
at 12:59:20am on 5/22/07
hey(can i add u?)
RB_Jules writes...
at 5:42:57pm on 5/21/07
haha nice,
lucky you
iTaLiAnGuRl4LiFe writes...
at 2:59:11pm on 5/21/07
why would such a pretty girl go out with a ugly guy thats gross
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