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Posted on: July 16, 2008, at 12:10:43am   [0 comments]
is fun as hell

Posted on: December 29, 2007, at 10:28:55pm   [0 comments]

edit: scratch that. sympathizer got downgraded to VC

7000 games played
Posted on: December 15, 2007, at 07:30:24pm   [0 comments]
and I still suck

6000 games played
Posted on: November 14, 2007, at 08:59:02pm   [0 comments]
and I still suck.

5000 games played
Posted on: October 17, 2007, at 07:52:51pm   [0 comments]
and I still suck

Comment wall
Mario Bros. writes...
at 6:20:55am on 7/14/08
well hopefully you can somehow get thos credits back.
Mario Bros. writes...
at 6:19:14am on 7/14/08
WOW! With your 10k I have gone from 20k to 149k now! I just need 1k more and I can buy a ffr tshirt! Thank you so much!
Mario Bros. writes...
at 3:10:56pm on 7/13/08
Now I have earned 26k from your help lol! Why did you bet your last 80k that was for the secret songs!? Well the same thing happened to me and i hope you learn the same way I did.
Mario Bros. writes...
at 12:46:10pm on 7/13/08
I have now earned 22k from your help!
Mario Bros. writes...
at 10:32:45pm on 7/12/08
so far I have gained 16,000 credits from it! I am doing very well because of you!
Mario Bros. writes...
at 10:27:35pm on 7/12/08
Well goodluck on your bets. I hope you get more!
Mario Bros. writes...
at 10:23:53pm on 7/12/08
Are you trying to get rid of your credits?
Mario Bros. writes...
at 9:08:07pm on 7/12/08
DID you lose the 100k! awwww you should have given it to me lol! I dont care anyways. Yah I love all the secret songs. my favorites are Midnight Dragon, Pants, and Strangeprogram and more.I cant play them all anymore though.
Mario Bros. writes...
at 8:45:43pm on 7/12/08
Dont worry I already have a strategy that has worked. I definetly dont bet reall high at all. Not betting high may take longer to gain more creds but it is better then losing everything and i know because that happened to me. Now I finally learned how to get a lot. i turned 50k to 220k at one time but then i lost all that because I didnt learn something yet then. Now I am regaining all of that and losing nothing! I cant wait till i get to 150k to get an ffrtshirt! THANKS SO MUCH!
Mario Bros. writes...
at 8:32:55pm on 7/12/08
Do you mind sparing me 10,000 credits so that I have some creds to start out with in gambling?
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