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Rossta Monsta writes...
at 12:47:05pm on 5/17/12
Sooo, does anyone only play one handed?
I think I'm only getting so far by doing this.
But, I'm stuck in my ways, it's gonna be weird playing with both hands.
Rossta Monsta writes...
at 6:09:51pm on 5/8/12
Soooo, why aren't the Token songs I unlocked, showing up on my Token list ??????????????????
Gloomii writes...
at 12:27:14am on 5/3/12
Ello. :3
Rossta Monsta writes...
at 4:33:59pm on 5/1/12
I just accidentaly hit the 'random' button
in the song search, ya know?
... Completely ate my favorites list!!! GRRR!!!
It was something like 60 songs.
I've spent the last two hours
trying to put it back together. FML
nois-or-e writes...
at 8:37:45pm on 12/12/11
You are free to use any image you want, as long as it is not pornographic, etc. So as long as it is SFW, the sky is the limit ;D
Appreciate you double-checking though.
nois-or-e writes...
at 2:56:32am on 12/12/11
Rossta, just a heads up, inappropriate images (however sneakily filtered they are) are not recommended as header/bg material ;D
Will just offer a warning this time, welcome to ffr!
ScarletSky writes...
at 4:37:56pm on 12/5/11
Don't worry about it. Even division 1 only plays songs that are no harder than maybe a 4 or 5 (and that's in the last round). And even if you don't make 1st place, at least you tried. And it doesn't cost anything to sign up, so you don't lose anything in end. :D
Rossta Monsta writes...
at 4:22:51pm on 12/5/11
Thank you ULTIMEGA! : ) I like the pic!
Rossta Monsta writes...
at 4:21:45pm on 12/5/11
@ScarletSky- I'm definately not good enough for that yet BUT, I am moving up the ranks pretty quickly I think... I think. But thank you a lot, I'll check it out.
Rossta Monsta writes...
at 4:19:37pm on 12/5/11
Thanks Synthlight! You popped my comment cherry? lol ...ugh... XD
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