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leonid writes...
at 1:23:27am on 10/16/09
See you at =)
funmonkey54 writes...
at 8:00:59pm on 10/13/09
He really got you good with that last wall comment. I would be deeply distraught if I were you.
DevilsTouch writes...
at 4:55:21pm on 5/22/09
Hmmmm owned Go debate with your sister or something for pratice kid Your decent
DevilsTouch writes...
at 3:23:19pm on 5/22/09
Casual haha :(
Svaz writes...
at 9:36:28pm on 12/3/08
ya know, you can hate commies all you want. im not all into that warsuit stuff, because im no hardcore commie. i just like commies. but the sad thing is that even if you were remotely moved by the boy's fate you still wouldnt have enough brains to realize that your type of behavior causes illegitamite deaths because of irrational hate toward a group, such as commies, that didnt do anything to you.
robertsona writes...
at 3:26:52pm on 12/3/08
back into ffya
DoctorSerpentine writes...
at 6:04:40pm on 10/15/08
why were you kicked out of ffya
-paexaea- writes...
at 6:02:39pm on 7/12/07
h8myl1f3 writes...
at 6:03:25pm on 2/11/07
chickendude writes...
at 10:51:35am on 7/12/06
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