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Posted on: September 20, 2007, at 04:00:27am   [0 comments]
...are stupid...

but skill tokens are ok, they're fun = ]

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Poisoncage writes...
at 4:02:43pm on 1/11/08
Hey, I really dont know you at all,
but...Happy birthday!
Maddy2 writes...
at 8:31:32am on 9/21/07
Nothing much, you?
skullsandcrossbones writes...
at 4:39:35am on 9/21/07
i hardly play ffr now, busy and stuff and can't be bothered LOL.
how's you :)
Maddy2 writes...
at 4:51:14am on 9/20/07
l u l l a b y writes...
at 4:13:39am on 9/20/07
one week. gah. that's pretty far away.
do you have msn? that's the only way i'll remember.
l u l l a b y writes...
at 3:33:53am on 9/20/07
oooh i remember you. haihai.
well anyway i'm a girl haha and i'm not 'some sorta crazy' but i'm getting there. nice talking to you again n.n mp again sometime, yes?
iflyss writes...
at 5:22:56pm on 9/15/07
go to ffr statistics on the homepage, then go to regional leaderboard ~ then click on that... yea that's where you fnd it.
iflyss writes...
at 9:27:28pm on 4/8/07
hehe... I luff you... :D
l u l l a b y writes...
at 11:41:14pm on 4/5/07
i reckon you're lying. oh.. and i haven't given up on those tokens just yet. i got the two easiest ones. thank god they made a list. spontaneous hydroxide is still a pain in the anus though
l u l l a b y writes...
at 11:53:51am on 4/4/07
well it's been nice playing you. wait, actually i don't think we've played. at all. oh well. you're probably a super player anyway. i wouldn't even think of AAAing spontaneous hydroxide. as of now, i've given up on skill tokens
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